3 Ways to Reuse Your Cocktail Delivery

Our cocktails are great, but if there’s one bad thing about them? It’s that they come to an end.

Always the most disappointing moment is when your glass is empty and so is the bottle.

That’s when you start wondering if it’s too soon to order some more.

When you are at the end of your bottle, you might wonder something else as well, like what to do with it now.

If so, then fortunately we have some suggestions for you.

About Our Packaging

Our cocktails arrive in 500ml aluminum bottles with screw lids, making them perfect for our cocktails as they can be easily resealed. The aluminium when cool keeps the drink at an optimum temperature to seal in freshness.

Both the bottle and cap are recyclable, but it would seem like a waste to throw them out every time.

So we have drawn up three ways that you can reuse your cocktail delivery.

A Vase

First up, is a very simple one. You could turn your old bottle in a vase.

Really, all you need is some flowers and water so it doesn’t come easier than this.

You could choose your favourite fresh flowers or instead, something more extravagant like pampas grass depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve.

If we’ve still not convinced you though, you could try decorating the bottle to make your new vase look more to your taste.

Perhaps wrap it in string and stick seashells to it for a nautical look, or spray paint the bottle black for a simplistic and modern approach.

Money Pot

You know that spare change that you always have hanging around in random draws, the bottom of your bag and in that pot in your car, well, it has a new home.

You can turn your old cocktail bottle into your new money pot.

A great way to help you save up (for more cocktails). Whenever you have some spare change add it in and don’t take it out until the bottle is full.

If you want to really challenge yourself, you could only fill it with pound coins. What a treat that would be at the end!

Water Bottle

Possibly the easiest one yet, reuse it in its original form.

Our cocktail bottles are great reused as water bottles.

With our screwable lids there will be no leakages, a good size to fit in your bag and you can fill it with whatever you want.

To really improve your new water bottle, why not mark lines on the outside of the bottle. The lines correspond with a time so that throughout the day you can try to reach your target of how much you want to drink by a certain time.

Say by 1pm you want the bottle to be half empty, you mark your line.

A great way to encourage you to stay hydrated!

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