5 Best Cocktail Garnishes And How You Can Grow Your Own

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Especially one of our Crozier cocktails. 

The sharpness of limoncello paired with the aromatic taste of Indian cardamom, just one example of the range of unique flavour combinations we have to offer. 

Our cocktails are exquisite and best of all, they require no preparation before you drink them.  

Simply chill, pour over ice and they’re ready to be enjoyed. 

An additional wow factor to your Crozier cocktails may be how you choose to garnish them, but if your not sure how to then don’t worry we’ve got your back…

Cocktail Garnishes 

Now, cocktail garnishes are a choice and not a need, but they can help to enhance your drink, both visually and aromatically. Plus, who doesn’t like a chance to show off and make yourself seem like an experienced bartender?

A garnish is a final touch for a cocktail. The part that accentuates the flavours and presents the drink with personality, it’s the part that you can really dress things up. 

So, you want to garnish your cocktail but what do you use and where can you buy it? Well, many garnishes you can actually grow yourself whether you have a sprawling green lawn or a small balcony, they’re very versatile.

Here’s our top five garnishes and how you can grow them at home:


Likely to be the most classic cocktail garnish on this list. Mint adds a fresh taste, a vibrant colour and best of all it’s easy to grow and maintain, even for those of us who are not so green-fingered. 

Mint has a habit of growing quickly, so to save your ground from becoming overgrown it’s best to plant in a container. It can be grown outside as it’s not affected by the frost or just as good, a window sill as long as it benefits from sunlight. Mint needs watering two to three times per week and when it’s growing you should watch out for white spots on the leaves as it could be a fungal disease. 

A garnish of mint with Crozier’s Kiwi & Lime Mojito is a perfect pairing.


Often used as a visual cue of what to expect from your drink, strawberries are a perfect garnish saved until the very end of your drink to be enjoyed.

Now, you might be thinking that strawberries could be a nightmare to grow and will require lots of attention. Heading to the supermarket to buy a punnet would be much easier. Well actually, you’re mistaken, strawberries are effortless. 

Often half of the job is done for you as you can buy small ready grown potted strawberry plants from garden centers and sometimes, even supermarkets. Once you’ve purchased your plant, all you need to do is place it in a sheltered spot that gets the sunshine and water often, there’s really not much to it. One thing to look out for as your strawberries begin to grow is slugs and snails attacking and them hanging on the ground as it can cause rotting. A simple solution for this is to place straws in the ground to keep them up.


Lemon is a garnish that brings zest and depth. The classic twist is one you will have seen on many cocktails and now you can try it yourself.

Surprisingly, lemons can be successfully grown here in the UK. And, they’re perfect no matter how much or little outdoor space you have.

To get a head start, you can mostly buy small lemon trees in pots partly grown. They should stay in pots whilst growing, making them perfect for whatever space you have available, even a small balcony. During the summer they will thrive outside, particularly in a sunny and sheltered spot. But during the winter, they should be kept out of the frost so moving it inside could be your best option. The general maintenance of a lemon tree requires watering once a week during summer, but in winter it is much less, as little as once per month.

When using lemon as a garnish, a twist is the most common. Achieved by using a peeler to shave away a strip of the rind, then roll the rind in a twist.


Actually a member of the Mint family, Thyme is perfect as a cocktail garnish with its vivid colour and aromatic smell. It’s a delicate herb that is used around the world for many purposes, commonly in cooking but also medicines and even incense.

Thyme can be brought as ready-grown plants if you’re wanting to speed up the process, but if time isn’t an issue then growing from seed is just as easy. 

If you decide to grow your own, you should plant your seeds in early spring. Fill your chosen pots with compost, scatter your seeds and then lightly cover with more compost.

Your pots should be placed in a sunny spot and watered around three times per week. Careful not to overwater as it can cause rotting. 

Once your Thyme has started to grow it can be picked all year round as it is evergreen, so you’ll never be running out of that cocktail garnish. 


Basil has an interesting taste, partially sweet yet also spiced, making it a great garnish.

Now, it is an easy herb to pick up from the supermarket, but growing your own provides a year-round supply, which will undoubtedly save you some money.

Growing basil requires your seeds being sown between spring and summer. They should be sown in individual pots in compost and then you simply watch them grow.

Basil should be watered sparing and protected from frost and wind in order to minimize damage. Once grown it can be picked year-round but be sure to leave side shoots in order for them to regrow. 

And finally, after all the growing it’s time to enjoy your garnish, but be sure to rip the basil and not cut it in order to release the aroma.

Let us know

So there you go, they all sound easy enough don’t they? Which one will you try first?

If you grow your own garnishes let us see! Share a picture of your garnishes with one of our cocktails on Instagram and tag us @crozierdrinks.

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